Hillsboro Fourth Of July Parade 2019

I love me a good parade and Hillsboro has a great one!

The Fourth is my one day of the year I feel comfortable taking strangers’ pictures. After all, they literally paid to be in public, wearing what they’re wearing, doing what they’re doing. And most don’t seem to mind. Hopefully none of those I posted. I’m not going to post a picture of someone that puts them in an unflattering light. Many of these shots are of people who saw what I was doing and waved and/or smiled in response. One actually told me to take her picture (and then it didn’t turn out well, so I didn’t post it).

I know some of these are not as sharp as they could be. If this was my full-time gig, I’d certainly have a different camera. Or, I’d actually have a camera rather than borrowing.1Thanks, Ashley! You know how much being able to borrow your camera made this day for me. :-) This exercise certainly informs what camera would be a better fit for me.

Once again, I got to shake Ron Wyden’s hand. Turns out, he’s in one of the pictures, too.

I have some recommendations for you:

  1. Go to Hillsboro’s Fourth of July parade. It’s just a bunch of fun.
  2. Take a camera with a longish lens. The camera I was using is an APS-C with an 18-135mm. I found myself using both extremes of the range, though it’s telling that I didn’t end up posting anything at the short/wide end. Maybe a 70-210 on a full-frame camera would work.
  3. Sit on the curb. The kids know where it’s at. You’ll get a better, unobstructed view — and more candy!
  4. Find a place closer to the beginning of the parade. You’ll get more candy and those in the parade are still full of energy and having fun. We find a spot on Second, between Grant and Bagley Park.

I hope you had a great Fourth!


To continue our celebration of the Fourth, we went to a Hillsboro Hops game, followed by fireworks. In contrast to last week’s game, we were on the opposite side of the field. But this had us closer to the fireworks!1It also had us looking into the setting sun — but that was a good excuse to buy a Hops hat.

All I had was my cell phone, so the pictures are more snapshotty,2My calling card… ;-) but they help me remember the good times. BOOM!

I hope you had a memorable Fourth, too!

Hillsboro Fourth of July Parade 2016

We love the Fourth of July around here. The parade is a don’t miss, with marching bands, fire trucks, tractors, electric cars, dogs, and lots of people. This being an election year, I would have expected more politicians. And there were some, but the top of the ticket wasn’t emphasized, if even mentioned. :-)

Usually, I take scenic or abstract pictures, but the Fourth is the one day of the year I take people pictures of people. Sitting on the curb with a longish lens, I enjoy taking candids of those in and watching the parade. These are just a few of the shots.

Today’s parade was extra special. As my senator Ron Wyden walked by, I jumped up and shook his hand. He asked my name. Sorry, no pictures of that. Guess I should have asked for a selfie with him.

It was a good parade. :-)

Game night with the Hillsboro Hops

A big thanks to my Starbucks friend1Starbucks is my Cheers. Norm! Rich, who invited me to a Hillsboro Hops game last night. The game was great, the seats were incredible,2Section 11. Row D. Seat 5. Came with free food and drinks. ‘Nuff said. :-) the Star Wars theme was fun,3Lots of pro-looking costumes. Kids in cute costumes. Instead of pictures of the opposing team’s batters, the scoreboard showed pictures of Stormtroopers. If you look closely at the left side of the scoreboard, you can see the batter is Stormtrooper John Riley, catcher for the visiting team. and the Hops crushed their opponents.

Good times! :-)

Book sorter at the Hillsboro Public Library

The Hillsboro Public Library has an automated book return and sorting system. What’s cool is that the library doesn’t hide this in the basement somewhere. Instead, it’s visible through big glass windows right beside the main entrance.

When a librarian saw me taking video, she invited me in and gave me a tour. Then she “put on the duck”1Apparently, when they see kids watching through the windows, they’ll put the duck on the conveyor to make the sorting more obvious, or fun. Works for me! :-) for me so I could go back outside and take this video.