Bicycling Sans Helmet

Riding my bike to work this morning, I thought I noticed something different. I touched my head to be sure. That is, I actually touched the top of my head. Oops!

Somehow, I forgot to put on my bicycle helmet. I don’t know how. I had my bicycling gloves on, which I store in my helmet so I know I saw my helmet this morning. Huh.

Riding to work sans helmet taught me a few things:

  • I wasn’t noticeably more comfortable not wearing a helmet. My head wasn’t much cooler or lighter. In fact, the white color of my helmet might make my header cooler in direct sunlight.
  • I felt more vulnerable without the helmet — and I was. That’s no fun on Cornell Avenue.
  • Checking the mirror upon arrival proved that windy hair is no better than helmet hair.
For me, cycling to work without a helmet is going to be a one-time event.