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  • Portland Walk With Heather

    Portland Walk With Heather

    To celebrate Heather’s recent birthday, on Friday afternoon Heather and I went downtown Portland and walked around. We visited the cutest puppies1Little buddy! at Pioneer Courthouse and walked around The Bite of Oregon to get to the waterfront.2We also walked by some young gentlemen standing in a doorway, one of whom remarked, “Rockin’ sunglasses!” I took it as a compliment. ;-) We walked by city hall, the parks, and into the Pearl. We found REI and window-shopped their bikes, kayaks, and SUP’s. We walked through Jamison Square, by the post office, Portland Union Station, and back to the waterfront.

    We were getting hungry, so we found a food cart and ate a couple of humongous burritos. Oh, my!

    Not ready to leave yet, we walked by Pioneer Courthouse square where Flicks on the Bricks was setting up. A little farther west in Director Park, we rested our feet in a cool pool while watching acrobats and dancers.

    We walked through Finnigan’s and then, finally, found our car.

    What an awesome walk!3Google maps says we walked eight miles. Yeah, I feel it…

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      Little buddy!
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      We also walked by some young gentlemen standing in a doorway, one of whom remarked, “Rockin’ sunglasses!” I took it as a compliment. ;-)
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      Google maps says we walked eight miles. Yeah, I feel it…
  • Happy Leap Day!

    Happy Leap Day!

    Thanks to The Photography Post for the idea.

  • Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours

    Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours

    Merry Christmas!

    We celebrated this morning by sleeping in, looking in our stockings, then opening too many presents.

    First, we posed for pictures in front of the Christmas tree.

    Ho! Ho! Ho! *<:-)

  • I spent Saturday night with Florence Nightingale

    I spent Saturday night with Florence Nightingale

    I spent Saturday night with Florence Nightingale and a bunch of nursing students. Congratulations, Heather! We’re so proud of you. And thank you, grandma. :-)

    Photo credit. All photos courtesy of Ashley Logan, used with permission. Thanks, Ashley!

  • Happy Birthday, Heather!

    Happy Birthday, Heather!

    Happy birthday, Heather! We love you.

  • Sunset at Lincoln City

    Sunset at Lincoln City

    Thanks to a last-minute invite from Dave and Rachel, we are spending another marvelous weekend at Lincoln City. Friday evening, we went to Road’s End State Park to watch the sunset.

    Update. I took a video using my cheap camera. Here it is.

  • Saturday at Cannon Beach

    Saturday at Cannon Beach

    We skipped church and went to the beach this past Saturday. The weather was beautiful (if you’re an Oregonian). Just a light mist and no not a lot of wind. That’s a wonderful trade.

    Turns out, they were having the sandcastle competition at Cannon Beach. We were on the beach in time to see the wave start to reclaim territory. As we walked back to the car, the clouds and fog continued to roll in. Nice!

  • OMSI Fieldtrip

    OMSI Fieldtrip

    As Ashley would say, “¡Pura Vida!”

  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    We took a quick trip to the Oregon coast this afternoon, visiting Cannon Beach.

    After arriving, we ate a quick picnic lunch in the car and then headed to the beach. Bundled-up people and the happiest dogs greeted us as we walked toward Haystack Rock. I was taking pictures of the clouds and noted, “Looks like it could rain soon.” I turned to continue on my way to Haystack Rock. Suzi wisely suggested we head back. Even though we did so immediately, it rained and hailed on us before we reached the sea wall — and then it stopped.

    We toured our favorite art gallery, selected our favorites, and left them behind. We explored the nearby toy store, playing with bristlebots and finding a large metal bug sculpture that would look great (ha!) in the garden.

    On the way home, we discovered the storm that had dumped rain and hail on us, snowed on the passes of the coastal mountains.

    Another great day on the Oregon coast!

    For more information on sun dogs, visit Atmospheric Optics.

  • Guy Kawasaki’s Advice: Live With Mom and Dad

    Ashley and Heather informed us they are planning to live at home after college to pay off student loans and save some money. It brought to mind Guy Kawasaki’s famous commencement speech:

    #10: Live off your parents as long as possible.

    I was a diligent Oriental in high school and college. I took college-level classes and earned college-level credits. I rushed through college in 3 1/2 years. I never traveled or took time off because I thought it wouldn’t prepare me for work and it would delay my graduation.

    Frankly, I blew it.

    You are going to work the rest of your lives, so don’t be in a rush to start. Stretch out your college education. Now is the time to suck life into your lungs-before you have a mortgage, kids, and car payments.

    Take whole semesters off to travel overseas. Take jobs and internships that pay less money or no money. Investigate your passions on your parent’s nickel. Or dime. Or quarter. Or dollar. Your goal should be to extend college to at least six years.

    Delay, as long as possible, the inevitable entry into the workplace and a lifetime of servitude to bozos who know less than you do, but who make more money. Your parents and grand parents worked very hard to get you and your family to this point. Do not deprive them of the pleasure of supporting you.

    Living with parents is only part of Guy’s advice, and it isn’t the only part our kids are doing right.

    Go read items #9 through #1. Good advice all the way through.

    And kids, we’ll keep your rooms available.



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