Hearts, Part VIII

Our local Dawson Creek park has a tunnel high schoolers pose in for their senior portraits. Its interior is painted black, now flat black, so taggers can use chalk instead of spray paint. This gambit is only partially successful. Regardless, after a quick pressure wash and a fresh coat, it’s primed for more artwork.1Actually, I don’t know if: (1) Chalk “tagging” is allowed, (2) The flat, black paint is merely an attempt to encourage already-illegal behavior to be less destructive, or (3) Someone in facilities accidentally grabbed flat paint instead of the original, glossy black paint to cover over some earlier tags and people are taking advantage of the accidental chalkboard.

I found this set of hearts on a recent walk there with my dad.

Be Kind! Rewind!
Tweet! Tweet!

Hearts, Part VI

I returned from my latest trip to Sacramento to find an envelope addressed to me on the kitchen table. It was really thin and felt like there was nothing in it. I held it up to the light and discovered that there were hearts in it. I finally noticed there were heart stickers on the outside, too. I opened it with a knife, turned it upside down, and shook it. Nothing came out. Huh? The hearts are stickers stuck to the inside of the envelope. Ha! Good one. :-D

Thanks, Darlene!

I’m not sure I understand the “technical error” note. I suspect it’s because the American flag is not a heart sticker. It seems that sticking stickers to the inside of an envelope might qualify, too. :-D

Hearts, Part III

After two days of hearts, I couldn’t really expect another.1Though I did hint, hoping to improve my odds. I didn’t count the retweet. Sure enough, evening arrived — cold and heartless. That’s when Jamison suggested we go get the mail. Sorting the mail on the kitchen counter, I discovered a card from Melissa. Inside Melissa had written individual notes to Suzi, Jamison, and me. I searched the card for a heart. Maybe Melissa had drawn one. No such luck.2Although Melissa did draw a smiley. :-)

I wasn’t giving up yet. Could Melissa have drawn a heart on the envelope? That’s when I discovered my third heart!

Thanks, Melissa!3And thanks, U.S. Postal Service. Dare I hope for a fourth? ;-)