Hearts, Part VI

I returned from my latest trip to Sacramento to find an envelope addressed to me on the kitchen table. It was really thin and felt like there was nothing in it. I held it up to the light and discovered that there were hearts in it. I finally noticed there were heart stickers on the… Continue reading Hearts, Part VI

Hearts, Part V

I went out early to warm up the car before leaving for church. Imagine my surprise to find heart number five taped to my frosty drivers-side window with “Love you” inscribed. Thanks, Suzi! I love you too. :-) Who knew Suzi even reads my blog? Too cool. It’s time to mix it up. Hearts can’t… Continue reading Hearts, Part V

Hearts, Part IV

Really? Four hearts in four days?! Yup. All day — nothing. If I was going to get a heart today, it had to be in the mail. Sure enough. There’s another card from Melissa with a heart cancellation mark. Thanks again, Melissa! I <3 U!

Hearts, Part III

After two days of hearts, I couldn’t really expect another. Sure enough, evening arrived — cold and heartless. That’s when Jamison suggested we go get the mail. Sorting the mail on the kitchen counter, I discovered a card from Melissa. Inside Melissa had written individual notes to Suzi, Jamison, and me. I searched the card… Continue reading Hearts, Part III

Hearts, Part II

I just went to pick up my Girl Scout cookie order. Mmm… Samoas. :-) Then I took a closer look at the label — what an awesome week! Who knew I’d get hearts two days in a row? Thanks, Emma! :-) These Samoas are not making it home. ;-)