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  • Hearts, Part IX

    Hearts, Part IX

    When I got up this morning, Melissa had already taken care of me. <3

  • Hearts, Part VIII

    Hearts, Part VIII

    Our local Dawson Creek park has a tunnel high schoolers pose in for their senior portraits. Its interior is painted black, now flat black, so taggers can use chalk instead of spray paint. This gambit is only partially successful. Regardless, after a quick pressure wash and a fresh coat, it’s primed for more artwork. I…

  • Hearts, Part VII

    Hearts, Part VII

    Some years ago, I posted the hearts I found. This is too good to pass up. <3 :-)

  • Hearts, Part VI

    Hearts, Part VI

    I returned from my latest trip to Sacramento to find an envelope addressed to me on the kitchen table. It was really thin and felt like there was nothing in it. I held it up to the light and discovered that there were hearts in it. I finally noticed there were heart stickers on the…

  • Hearts, Part V

    Hearts, Part V

    I went out early to warm up the car before leaving for church. Imagine my surprise to find heart number five taped to my frosty drivers-side window with “Love you” inscribed. Thanks, Suzi! I love you too. :-) Who knew Suzi even reads my blog? Too cool. It’s time to mix it up. Hearts can’t…

  • Hearts, Part IV

    Hearts, Part IV

    Really? Four hearts in four days?! Yup. All day — nothing. If I was going to get a heart today, it had to be in the mail. Sure enough. There’s another card from Melissa with a heart cancellation mark. Thanks again, Melissa! I <3 U!

  • Hearts, Part III

    Hearts, Part III

    After two days of hearts, I couldn’t really expect another. Sure enough, evening arrived — cold and heartless. That’s when Jamison suggested we go get the mail. Sorting the mail on the kitchen counter, I discovered a card from Melissa. Inside Melissa had written individual notes to Suzi, Jamison, and me. I searched the card…

  • Hearts, Part II

    Hearts, Part II

    I just went to pick up my Girl Scout cookie order. Mmm… Samoas. :-) Then I took a closer look at the label — what an awesome week! Who knew I’d get hearts two days in a row? Thanks, Emma! :-) These Samoas are not making it home. ;-)

  • Heart You

    Heart You

    I found this picture in my phone’s inbox this morning. Thx Ash! I <3 U 2. :)