Mid-October Lunchtime Walk

Shortly after noon, I looked up from my desk to see a balmy1Upper 60’s. Not a cloud in the sky. mid-October day inviting me to a lunchtime walk. Who was I to decline?

Grabbing my camera, I headed out for a clockwise 1.5 mile walk around Hawthorn Farm. I snapped pictures of fall leaves in between kicking and stomping the acorns scattered about.

Halfway around, I spied a great blue heron stalking. I paused to take a picture and saw it strike, coming up with a small creature in its bill. A mouse?

A one o’clock meeting placed a hard stop on my trek, so I hurried the remainder of the circuit.

Another beautiful day!2Aren’t they all? :-) :-)

Intel Hawthorn Farm Walking Routes

I’m moving Intel campuses1“Campi”? Nope, that would be sometimes frowned upon. :-( later this week — from Jones Farm to Hawthorn Farm. The Jones Farm campus is great for walking. It’s time for a quick visit to Google maps to see what Hawthorn Farm has to offer. I see what might be nice 1.2 and 1.5 mile walks.2Okay, the southern leg of the 1.2-mile route doesn’t look quite as nice. At least, not from the satellite. :-)

I wonder what walking is available indoors at Hawthorn Farm other than the treadmills in the exercise center.

My New Cube at Intel’s Hawthorn Farm Campus

Today was the open house for those of us who will be moving into a remodeled floor at Intel’s Hawthorn Farm campus. I went, found my new cube, and took some pictures.1And enjoyed some live blues and some food. :-)

It doesn’t look much like the Intel Conan O’Brien visited a while back.2“Can you say lifeless environment?” No gray walls, no gray cubicles, no blue-gray carpeting.

It’s part of Intel’s continuing effort to have attractive, functional workspaces. The walls are a little higher than Intel’s first attempts at this, and there are more small, unreservable conference rooms.3These are awesome. If you can find an empty conference room you don’t need to worry that you’ll get bumped by someone with a reservation. It will look and sound a lot different next week when it’s filled with people, computers, and activity.

I think I’ll like it.4At least, I hope I’ll like it. Change can be fun. I’ll have to add a picture once I get moved in.