Trip to Asia

I’m getting ready to go to Taiwan and PRC for work. It will be my first trip to Asia — it should be fun. I’ll be meeting with our local customer support groups and meeting some customers.

I like plotting great circle routes of long-distance flights. From the right angle, the routes for this trip make sense.

I learned last Friday that if I step foot outside the large cities I plan on visiting (even taking ground transportation between them instead of flying), I won’t be able to donate blood for a whole year. Something about malaria zones. That’s too bad. I was hoping to hit two gallons in another year. :-(

Great Circle Routes: PDX – AMS

Great circle routes fascinate me; they’re so unintuitive plotted on the two-dimensional maps we normally see.

Heather flew from Portland, Ore. to Amsterdam last week, so I thought I’d map her flight.

She flew over Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut Territory, Greenland, Iceland, and Scotland (assuming the flight was straight, probably not a safe assumption).

For those with Google Earth installed, here’s a Google Earth KMZ file.