Hearts, Part VIII

Our local Dawson Creek park has a tunnel high schoolers pose in for their senior portraits. Its interior is painted black, now flat black, so taggers can use chalk instead of spray paint. This gambit is only partially successful. Regardless, after a quick pressure wash and a fresh coat, it’s primed for more artwork.1Actually, I don’t know if: (1) Chalk “tagging” is allowed, (2) The flat, black paint is merely an attempt to encourage already-illegal behavior to be less destructive, or (3) Someone in facilities accidentally grabbed flat paint instead of the original, glossy black paint to cover over some earlier tags and people are taking advantage of the accidental chalkboard.

I found this set of hearts on a recent walk there with my dad.

Be Kind! Rewind!
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No Regrets

I could have asked Don Ho to dance with me. I didn’t. I let fear rule me. Now, it is far too late.1According to the second graffiti artist, “LATE is when you get DONE cleaning your KNIVE.”


Live life with no regrets. Ask Don Ho to dance. :-)


Euler’s Graffiti

Apparently, Euler is alive and well and leaving his identity in Portland’s sidewalks.