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  • Thanks, Bike N’ Hike!

    Yesterday I discovered a broken a spoke in my rear wheel. Today I took it to Bike N’ Hike, knowing they’d get me rolling again. After I told them I hoped to get it fixed sometime today, they removed the cogs and spoke guard, installed a new spoke and nipple, and trued the wheel. Putting […]

  • My Breast Ultrasound

    “But I thought…” The admissions secretary’s voice trailed off, a touch of confusion on her face as she studied my appointment on her computer monitor. “I’m exceptional,” I half joked, half explained. “I thought you were getting a ‘normal’ ultrasound,” she continued, as if there were such a thing. Not helping. I have a small […]

  • It’s “Good News Day”

    Knowing Scott Adams, I expected this to be a hoax. Apparently it’s not (check the history if you think the Wikipedia article is a hoax, too — I did). In honor of Scott Adam’s amazing recovery from Spasmodic Dysphonia and his request, I will post only good news for the rest of today. Guess I’ll […]

  • I’m a Winner!

    As I like to do to start my work day, I went to get some French vanilla chocolate from the coffee machine. I inserted my dollar, made my selection, and heard a strange beep I’d not heard before. I glanced at the display, saw “WINNER,” and heard a coin drop in the change return. Instead […]