Engineering Toys for Girls

GoldieBlox Founder Debbie Sterling on Disrupting the Pink Aisle | The Embrace Ambition Summit

Kudos to GoldieBlox for their “disrupting the pink aisle” ad campaign.

Our girls deserve better more than toy stores’ pink ghettos.1I wish Legos would bring back their “What it is is beautiful” ad.

Update. The original video is gone, so I’ve updated the post with a related, relevant video.

Dove Onslaught

Dove released the video “Onslaught” in their Campaign for Real Beauty. Having three daughters, girls’ self image is important an important issue at our home.

Although I agree with Dove’s encouraging parents to talk to girls before they are exposed to advertising, “Onslaught” depicts such an overwhelming “beauty” culture that talking could be worthless. I don’t think that’s the message Dove intended to send.

It’s not pretty…

Hat tip: swissmiss.