My favorite photos of 2016

At the end of every year, I review the pictures I’ve posted here and select a few I’m most proud of. This year is no exception. Enjoy! And one animation, for fun. :-) Do you have a favorite? Update. Like last year, there’s a site that generates a collage of an account’s nine most liked… Continue reading My favorite photos of 2016

Insomnia’s New Unofficial Spokesmodel

A friend of mine has taken to posting pictures of himself enjoying his Insomnia quad shot breve latte on the weekends. Today, his posting of multiple pictures called for the gif treatment. This had to be done. Enjoy! c[_]


Alternative versions. Click to embiggen. Do you like one of these better?

Another View From 4A

It’s amazing how hard this is to do and make it look good. I also took some actual video that I will attempt to convert to animated GIF later. Maybe I’ll have better luck with it.