Final Game of Thrones show prediction

My prediction: Bran Stark wakes up, for real this time, and realizes the last eight seasons were just a coma dream. No red wedding, no white walkers. He even dreamt the wrong reason for his fall — he was just clumsy. Everyone loves everyone else and the final episode is a happy family reunion.1

No spoiler warning on this one. If I’m right,2 we all deserve it.

  1. Okay, probably not. But that’s my prediction based on … nothing. I haven’t watched a single minute of the TV show. I read the first four books of the series and even started the fifth after reading this review. But then, I quit. Convince me to watch the series. ;-) 
  2. There’s not a chance I’m right, but wouldn’t it be fun if the episode went the bloody way it’s going to and then my prediction played on the side during the final credits? :-D