Good Morning, Folsom!

The sun greeted me this morning as I walked into FM7. A couple of minutes earlier, the sun was skirting the edge of the clouds, casting pale blue rays into the sky. Unfortunately, instead of taking pictures, I was on my knees in the parking lot, peering under my rental car, searching for two renegade… Continue reading Good Morning, Folsom!

A View From 4A

An early morning flight from HIO to MHR for a day in FM7. I sat in seat 4A and took a few pictures at the beginning of the flight. Update: On the flight home, I sat in an aisle seat, so no pictures. :-(

Blue Sky

On my way out to the car after work, I pointed my camera straight up. Blue! :-) Actually, it’s amazingly close to Deep Sky Blue3 or maybe Steel Blue3.