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  • Unfollow Friday

    Twitter got too noisy for me.

    Today I pulled out the machete and started hacking. I unfollowed:

    • The “meta-tweeters” who tweet only about tweeting and how to get more followers1Yes, I recognize the irony.
    • Those who I’d followed only because they’d followed me first
    • Those who tweeted about things that used to interest me, but not anymore
    • The companies whose products/services I don’t use anymore
    • Those who don’t interact with others
    • Those who use Twitter only to announce new blog posts
    • Those who haven’t tweeted for months (even a few who had never tweeted!)

    The difference is amazing. My Twitter stream is filled with people I know and the topics I like.

    I think I’ll keep that machete handy.

    Have you considered an unfollow Friday?

    Maybe I should have just linked to my Twitter Landing Page. Actually, I’ve edited my Twitter Landing Page in response to this post.

    • 1
      Yes, I recognize the irony.



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