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Tag: flowers

  • Blossoms


    Yesterday, Ashley, Heather and I went to Orenco for frozen yogurt. Mmm… We walked to look closer at the construction near the MAX station and inspect the crane. Walking back, we paused to enjoy the blossoms on the trees.

  • Weekend Snaps

    Weekend Snaps

    Saturday evening, I went on a bike ride to end the day. On the way back, I stopped at some favorite spots to take some pictures.

  • Bike Detours

    Bike Detours

    I like riding a bike because it’s so easy to take a quick detour. I can take a picture or two, enjoy a chilly beverage, pick handfuls of blackberries growing along the path, or just notice the view. I did all today. May your detours be as enjoyable as mine. :-)

  • Poppies


    I took a short detour on my morning ride to take some pictures of poppies. This is the same location I took another picture of poppies a couple of years ago. Why are poppies becoming yellow?

  • Outstanding in the Field

    Outstanding in the Field

    There’s a field near my house that has bunches of these flowers, but I’ve never stopped to take pictures. It’s too close to the beginning of my ride to want to stop and besides, the weeds around the plants are growing tall. This morning, as I passed the empty field just north of the Hillsboro…

  • Iris


    Iris found during my shoes’ lunchtime walk. I learned something today. The plural of “iris” depends on the definition. The flower has a different plural form than the eye part.

  • Orchid Show

    Orchid Show

    To celebrate a few birthdays, we went to the Sacramento Orchid Society’s orchid show. I came home with an orchid book for beginners and everyone else came home with orchids. We’re going to have fun trying to keep these beautiful flowers thriving. Do you grow orchids?

  • Textures


  • Lake Wahtum to Chinidere Mountain Hike

    Lake Wahtum to Chinidere Mountain Hike

    I hiked from Lake Wahtum to Chinidere Mountain with Rob and Ted E. Bear (a standard poodle). The weather was great, as was the scenery: clear views of Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, and a peek at the Three Sisters. This hike is worth repeating. :-)