Jamison’s first day of school 2017

Jamison’s first day of school this year is a different sort of first — he’s taking a year out of his engineering studies and teaching eighteen or so 6th graders in the Marshall Islands. This is a picture of Jamison in his classroom.1Thanks to Jamison for providing this selfie and his permission to post it here.

I know Jamison will do well. Those of us left behind, I’m not so sure about.2I’m not talking just about Suzi. Here it is Wednesday, Mt. Tabor is calling my name, and I miss my longboarding buddy. Thanks to Google’s Hangouts, we’ve already conferenced our distributed family.

Go get ’em, Jamison! We’re proud of you.

Jamison’s first day of school 2016

In the Logan family, we have a tradition: we take and post pictures on the first day of school.1We take the pictures on the first day of school. Sometimes, I even post the pictures that same day. This year, I didn’t. So I backdated the post. After high school graduation, this gets a little more difficult. Dropping Jamison off for jump-start, Jamison reminded me that I had an upcoming business trip to Walla Walla that coincided with his first official day. Woot!

I’m looking forward to many more business trips. :-)

Melissa’s First Day of School 2014

First day of school!

That was the text I received from Melissa early this morning. And she attached the picture above.

Haha! I’m so happy to get it. :-)

We have a tradition in the Logan family: on the first day of school, we take a picture in front of the Japanese maple tree in our front yard. I’ve already posted the pictures for Jamison and Yuna this year, but Melissa’s was going to be a little more problematic with her starting grad school in southern California.

Melissa solved that problem for me by having her roommate take her picture1Did you notice it’s in front of a maple leaf wreath? Well done, Melissa. and then sending it to me.

Thanks, Melissa! This should be an exciting year for you. We’re so glad you’ve found your passion and are able to pursue it at a great school. Best wishes for the coming year.2And I’m looking forward to getting more pictures from you. ;-)

Jamison’s and Yuna’s First Day of School 2012

Today is Jamison’s first day of school in high school. Yuna1This is our second school year having Yuna in our home. She is an exchange student from South Korea. We picked her up from PDX this last Sunday morning. We were on time this year… ;-) is an “old pro” at this.

We wish them success in their studies — and everything else that is part of an auspicious year in high school.

We’re proud of you guys!

For a taste of this morning’s carpool, click here.