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  • Lunch Ride

    Lunch Ride

    I rode by the same field and took pretty much the same picture. And then I took a different way home. One nice thing about a slower bike is that I explore closer to home. I hope you are finding time for safe adventures, too!

  • Field of green

    Field of green

    The last couple of days, it’s rained in the mornings. That’s a good time to go for a bike ride. So, off I went. I found a quiet country road I hadn’t ridden down before and found a field of grain. The next day, I rode down a road I had ridden down before and […]

  • Oak Field

    Oak Field

    Bicycling home from work this evening, I watched the clouds over my shoulder. At the old oak tree across from the airport, I stopped to take a picture.

  • Fog-Pressed Earth

    Fog-Pressed Earth

    Raw earth, pressed down by fog.

  • Field


    Headed back to work on my lunchtime ride, I took a quick snap of the field north of Costco.

  • Clouds + Trees + Field

    Clouds + Trees + Field

    Unlike last week, my morning bike ride is not the mile and a half to the Sunriver village; it’s three-plus miles to work. As a plus, I get to take pictures from my “favorite photo spot” across from the airport.