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  • Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    “Happy Birthday!” continues to be Jamison’s preferred greeting, even a year later. It’s Jamison’s emotional dipstick for me. If I’m feeling good, he knows I’ll respond with “Merry Christmas!” and I’ll get an, “Ooooooooh!” in return. Games dads and sons play. :-)

    Today, though, there’s one important difference: it actually is Jamison’s birthday. So the roles got reversed. I wished Jamison a happy birthday and got “Merry Christmas!” in response. A hug completed the exchange. I expect we’ll repeat this multiple times throughout the day.

    Last weekend, Ashley and Heather came home from college for Jamison’s birthday. To celebrate, we went out to eat, opened presents, and had ice cream cake. Tonight, Jamison and I will go to the guitar group. Good times!

  • Off to Walla Walla

    Off to Walla Walla

    Yesterday was a busy day. We loaded the rental truck, drove to Walla Walla with Ashley, ran the gauntlet of financial clearance and village life, unloaded the truck, and set up some furniture. Much thanks to FIL and Ron for helping haul the furniture up the stairs to the second-floor apartment. When that was done, I drove the truck back to Portland so we could return it before 7 am this morning.

    Suzi left today with Heather and the kitchen stuff. They will have fun tomorrow setting up Heather’s room, the kitchen, and the front room.

    I remember driving to college in my gold ’74 Superbeetle. Everything I needed fit just fine and that was in the days of component stereos, turntables, and big speakers. ‘Course, I was living in the dorm, so I didn’t need to bring much beyond clothes, bedding, and my HP41C. :-)

    It’s nice getting Ashley and Heather moved in and set up but we will miss them this school year.

  • Family Fun at the Corn Maze

    Family Fun at the Corn Maze

    We enjoyed our last weekend before Ashley and Heather head off to college by going to Sauvie Island and attempting the corn maze.

    Looking at the overhead photo, it shouldn’t have been very hard. Ha! Actually, looking at the picture (below, the Google Map above currently shows a prior year’s maze) a little more closely, I can see it’s been edited to make the maze impossible — hiding the solution. Double ha!

    Regardless, we had a lot of fun and ultimately did find the solution. Amazing!

  • First Day of School

    First Day of School

    Once again, the first day of school is upon us. Time for the ritualistic “first day of school picture” taken on the front lawn before the Japanese maple tree.

    And the ritualistic posting of it here. :-)

  • Mt. Rainier Camping Trip

    Mt. Rainier Camping Trip

    This last weekend, we took a brief family camping vacation to Mt. Rainier. This is the first we’ve been to Mt. Rainier National Park even though we’ve lived in the Great Northwet (yup) since ’87. We’re already planning our next trip to the mountain. In fact, we think it might be fun to backpack (part of?) the Wonderland Trail during my next sabbatical.

    Explore the map and photos to see a little of what we did.

  • Happy Birthday, Heather

    Happy Birthday, Heather!

    My little princess Heather (note the tiara) blows out the candles for her 20th birthday.

    We’ve done this before.

  • Congratulations, Willy!

    Congratulations, Willy!

    This weekend we traveled to Walla Walla to honor Willy’s achievement. Congratulations, Willy!

  • Holiday E-Mail to Willy

    Dear Willy,

    We are so happy to have another Logan boy in our home over the holidays. We will be heading into the hills to cut a Christmas tree and then decorate it. We can also go to zoo lights to hear Melissa sing, eat, watch the Christmas ships on the waterfront, make puzzles, eat, play games, eat, go for drive bys of Christmas lights, enjoy hot apple cider, watch a goey Christmas movie or perhaps snowball express, eat a few mandarins, perhaps play in the snow (we can always hope), play ping pong and Foosball, eat, read nostalgic Christmas stories, eat and just enjoy being together. Plan on building Legos and making paper airplanes! There should also be time to just relax with a good book.

    Please bring any good vegan recipes you would like us to make. Ashley would be happy and we are trying to cook more that way. Also if a few are vegan and gluten free you would be my favorite nephew.

    Tell your mom thank you for sharing you with us. Are you heading down with the girls on Wednesday?

    Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you.


    Looks like our holiday plans are stuffed full of fun. ;-)

  • Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    “Happy Birthday” has been Jamison’s preferred greeting for months. Maybe he thought we would forget his birthday was soon approaching. No chance of that!

    We celebrated Jamison’s birthday in traditional Logan style: multiple days of friends, family, and fun. Earlier this week, Jamison and a few friends visited the corn maze on Sauvie Island. Yesterday we traveled by train, picked out a couple of pumpkins among acres of choices, and floated by boat at Lakeview Farms.

    In the evening, we lighted candles, slaughtered “Happy Birthday,” and gorged on birthday cake. Jamison opened presents. Let me just say that the Nerf Vulcan and the Wii Outdoor Challenge are both stupid fun — and I mean that in the best of ways.

    We stayed up ’till midnight to ring in Jamison’s birthday and then retired, knowing Jamison had set his alarm for shortly before his birth hour of o’dark thirty. The alarm didn’t awake and neither did Jamison until 3 AM. After a couple of befuddled “happy birthdays” we returned to our slumber.

    Today, Jamison is eleven. Happy birthday, son. I’m proud of you!

  • Champoeg Bike Ride

    Champoeg Bike Ride

    When the weather is nice in October, we go outside. Thanks to Art and his invitation to ride bikes with his family, we invaded Champoeg Park this afternoon. We biked from the western end of the park to the store beyond the eastern end and back. According to Google Maps, the one-way distance is 3.71 miles.

    Go, Rylie!



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