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  • A Day at Big Lake

    A Day at Big Lake

    We were invited to spend the day at Big Lake with family, which of course we accepted. The weather was wonderful, the boating superb, the food delicious, and the companionship even better.

  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    We took a quick trip to the Oregon coast this afternoon, visiting Cannon Beach.

    After arriving, we ate a quick picnic lunch in the car and then headed to the beach. Bundled-up people and the happiest dogs greeted us as we walked toward Haystack Rock. I was taking pictures of the clouds and noted, “Looks like it could rain soon.” I turned to continue on my way to Haystack Rock. Suzi wisely suggested we head back. Even though we did so immediately, it rained and hailed on us before we reached the sea wall — and then it stopped.

    We toured our favorite art gallery, selected our favorites, and left them behind. We explored the nearby toy store, playing with bristlebots and finding a large metal bug sculpture that would look great (ha!) in the garden.

    On the way home, we discovered the storm that had dumped rain and hail on us, snowed on the passes of the coastal mountains.

    Another great day on the Oregon coast!

    For more information on sun dogs, visit Atmospheric Optics.

  • Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

    Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

    Yesterday, Suzi and I were summoned home for lunch and instructed to arrive together.

    As we entered the kitchen, we discovered our kids waiting with an anniversary surprise. They had prepared a meal for all of us to enjoy together. There was a gift basket on the counter. And they had selected some of their favorite family pictures, printed them, and placed them in a picture room divider we had bought but not yet filled. And Lionel Ritchie played softly in the background. Awesome!

    Thanks so much, Ashley, Heather, Melissa, and Jamison! Happy anniversary, Suzi!

  • Sunriver Christmas Vacation

    Sunriver Christmas Vacation

    On the way home from California, we stopped for a few days at Sunriver. We stayed in our favorite little Sunriver cabin1Is it selfish to want to keep this to myself? Yeah, probably… We’ve told others; we can tell you. — no fancy hot tub, no big flat-panel TV, just a fun place to hang out as a family, eat, play, games, make puzzles — spend time together.

    We went to the Sunriver lodge for a (short) sleigh ride and to see the gingerbread houses, visited Goody’s multiple times for all sorts of treats, and cross-country skied on the Woodlands golf course. We stayed up late to watch the lunar eclipse, made hot chocolate, and worked (and worked, and worked) on the hardest puzzle we’ve ever done.

    So much fun in so short a time. :-)

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      Is it selfish to want to keep this to myself? Yeah, probably… We’ve told others; we can tell you.
  • Ashley

    Ashley <3 Leaves

    Ashley <3 fall colors. Ashley <3 pictures. Ashley <3 throwing leaves. Ashley <3 pictures of her jumping.

    I <3 Ashley. I <3 taking pictures. I <3 taking pictures of Ashley. I <3 making animated GIFs.

    I bet we both <3 this. :-)

  • Week in Review – WW26’10

    Day by Day

    Sunday. Happy Fathers’ Day! Rather than sleeping in, we decided to go out to IHOP for breakfast. Dane joined us for the fun and we all ate too much.


    As the weather starts to warm, Meisa has started shedding. Rather than sending her to the groomers, we decided to DIY. After brushing, shampooing, shaving, cutting, clipping, and lots and lots of vacuuming, Meisa has a nice, short summer do. I’m not sure she looks like a Sheltie anymore. I like it! ;-)

    Monday. Jamison and I went to guitar group in the evening with cousin Ethan. We have a newbie in the group, so I pulled out Guitar From Scratch to lend to him. What a great beginners’ guitar book. Highly recommended.

    Tuesday. I miss teaching my 6th grader group math on Tuesday mornings. :’-(

    The third Tuesday of the month is school board meeting night. Budgets, enrollments, parent surveys, and student security were all topics of discussion.

    Wednesday. WFH today (and not the normal H). What I thought was going to take five hours took ten. A very long day — sort of like baseball: long innings of boredom with brief plays of excitement. At least we knew a few of the players.

    From our view out the waiting room windows, it was a beautiful day. Nice. I need a “sun” emoticon. A picture will do.

    Thursday. Schedules, schedules, and more schedules. I want a big office with a shiny wall and lots of Post It notes. Or a couple of double-wide whiteboards with black tape and lots of colored dry erase markers. Instead, I make do with a spreadsheet — not near as much fun, but I can e-mail it. And I do have a 28″ 1920×1200 monitor. Okay, I’m happy. :-)

    It’s the second beautiful day in a row, and it’s not even the weekend. Suzi and I thought it time to show off Meisa’s new do. A walk around the neighborhood did the job and tired out the dog.

    Friday. Every day above ground is a good day.

    Saturday. Church, family, food, and a church farewell party for dear friends. We’ll miss you, Kings.


    The books I ordered last week arrived and I glanced through them, though not enough to say I’m reading them.

    My books page provides more information on the books I’ve read or discovered this year.

    Blogs and RSS Feeds

    • Cool Infographics. “Charts and graphs can communicate data; infographics turn data into information.”
    • Blurgh! “The ThinkGeek blog. Grok it!”
    • Otto on WordPress. “You have to use an Ottopress to get fresh squeezed Otto.”
    • Bridgetown – Rediscovering the bridges of Portland, Oregon. “As I said, I started this project with very personal goals, I wanted to encourage myself to open my own eyes a bit wider, to see these bridges from new perspectives, but as I am wont to do, I began posting the products of my nightly wanderings to Flickr. I enjoy sharing in that regard, and I was not surprised to discover the impact the images began having on others. It was not long before I had other photographers beginning to join me on my nightly strolls under these bridges. Now I want to catapult beyond the reach of Flickr. I want to reach a wider audience and to make something a bit more tangible out of this. This is where you come in.” Thanks go to @bobpotter for this discovery. I don’t know why it’s not showing up in my probation blogroll.

    My blogroll lists the blogs I read.

  • Week in Review — WW25’10

    Week in Review — WW25’10

    Day by Day

    Sunday. What an awesome day! We had an open house for Melissa and a couple of her classmates to celebrate their graduations. Among the three families, we had lots of food and lots of guests. I counted about 75 people in our backyard at one time, with more scattered throughout the house, coming and going.

    As the open house was ending (or maybe I was just tired), Dane, Tyler, and Jamison had an impromptu jam session on electric guitar, drums, and electric bass. Hearing Dane play my guitar is both inspiring and disheartening at the same time. It is nice to hear how nice my guitar can sound in the right hands. I’ll need to practice a lot more before those hands are mine. Thanks to the absence and/or tolerance of our neighbors, no officer knocked on our door to shut us down.

    Later in the evening after most of our guests had left, we gathered around Suzi’s new firepit and made s’mores. All the fun of camping with none of the mess. :-)

    Jamison and His Teachers

    Monday. Jamison’s 6th-grade promotion was Monday afternoon. One last opportunity to take a picture of Jamison with his teachers.

    That evening, Jamison and I went to guitar group to prepare for church — and have a bunch of fun.

    Tuesday. Suzi and Melissa left for Melissa’s senior class trip to Sun River. I wish I could have gone. This is the class I went to Mexico with and once to Wi-Ne-Ma — a great bunch of kids. Turns out that many of the adult sponsors were the same as the Mexico trip, too.

    Wednesday. Jamison’s 6th-grade class had an end-of-the-year pool party. I dropped by to say “hi!”

    Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, my group taught a couple of sessions at the server Technical Bootcamp Series about our tools.

    Much later that evening, our team went out to see “The A-Team.” I love it when a plan comes together.

    Thursday. More training with the team. It’s great fun to see our friends from Taiwan and PRC. Celia always comes prepared with gifts. I’m looking forward to trying brown sugar sweet potato candy.

    Friday. Friday was another great day. Together with my admin, we were able to accomplish something that on Tuesday had looked impossible.

    Suzi and Melissa got home from Melissa’s senior class trip. We went to Darla’s house for hot dogs and s’mores.

    Saturday. Church and family. Jamison and I played for praise sing with guitar group. I played Ashley’s acoustic guitar unplugged and in the back. I’m not sure anyone even heard me, probably a blessing. ;-)

    Saturday night offered one more chance to use the fire pit — and we took it.


    I didn’t really read this week, so I won’t claim to be currently reading anything. I discovered the following book while wandering through the science section of Barnes & Noble:

    The following three books were recommended by the Manager Connections Newsletter at work. I ordered all of them.

    My books page provides more information on the books I’ve read or discovered this year.

    Blogs and Other RSS Feeds

    I started reading the following blogs:

    • Simple Justice. “A New York Criminal Defense Blog.” A tip of the hat to Ron Coleman for this discovery.
    • Daniel Payne Photography. “As Vice President for the Portland Metropolitan Photographer’s Association, I’m involved with continual education in my craft. I used my first 35mm film camera in 1980, shot my first wedding in 1982 and turned pro in 2001.”
    • The Points of Light Blog. “Points of Light Institute is organized to innovate, incubate and activate new ideas that help people act upon their power to make a difference. Read and respond to our reflections on 21st-century volunteerism here.”

    As always, my blogroll lists the blogs I read.

    One more awesome week for the record books. ;-)

    So, how was your week? Let me know in the comments.

  • Guy Kawasaki’s Advice: Live With Mom and Dad

    Ashley and Heather informed us they are planning to live at home after college to pay off student loans and save some money. It brought to mind Guy Kawasaki’s famous commencement speech:

    #10: Live off your parents as long as possible.

    I was a diligent Oriental in high school and college. I took college-level classes and earned college-level credits. I rushed through college in 3 1/2 years. I never traveled or took time off because I thought it wouldn’t prepare me for work and it would delay my graduation.

    Frankly, I blew it.

    You are going to work the rest of your lives, so don’t be in a rush to start. Stretch out your college education. Now is the time to suck life into your lungs-before you have a mortgage, kids, and car payments.

    Take whole semesters off to travel overseas. Take jobs and internships that pay less money or no money. Investigate your passions on your parent’s nickel. Or dime. Or quarter. Or dollar. Your goal should be to extend college to at least six years.

    Delay, as long as possible, the inevitable entry into the workplace and a lifetime of servitude to bozos who know less than you do, but who make more money. Your parents and grand parents worked very hard to get you and your family to this point. Do not deprive them of the pleasure of supporting you.

    Living with parents is only part of Guy’s advice, and it isn’t the only part our kids are doing right.

    Go read items #9 through #1. Good advice all the way through.

    And kids, we’ll keep your rooms available.

  • Melissa Graduates!

    Melissa Graduates!

    Melissa graduated tonight. We’re so proud!

  • Our Anniversary Celebration

    Our Anniversary Celebration

    This afternoon, our kids banished Suzi and me from our house. All we were told is they were preparing an early anniversary celebration for us, could we stay away until after 5? Our course!

    We returned to find a sign on the door announcing we had arrived at Chez Logan. Inside, nicely dressed wait staff greeted us at a maître d’s podium. We discovered Chez Logan was decorated with flickering candles throughout, rose petals, and little white lights draped tastefully over cabinets. We were directed to our private table and Jamison handed us our menus and filled our glasses. Ashley, Heather, and Melissa attentively served us the delicious food they had prepared for us.

    Lionel Richie played softly in the background. A slide presentation of family photos from our Rainier camping trip this past summer looped on the TV. In between courses, Jamison performed a piano solo.

    After dinner, we enjoyed dessert, complete with hugs and kisses. Chez Logan presented Suzi and me with a gift basket and took pictures of us for our memory book.

    Wow! Thanks, kids!



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