What is empathy?
What are its goals?
Its risks?

Should we offer empathy to enemies?
To those who don’t?

Is it empathy if we don’t “get” another?
But instead who we mistake them to be?
Wish them to be?
Can charity and empathy be at odds?

Is there a risk in rethinking empathy?
Is that risk less empathy?
Or more?

Invisibilia’s The End of Empathy1 tells the same story from two perspectives, one with empathy2 and one without.3 In the process, it addresses these questions. At least, it talks around them. It certainly doesn’t answer them. But you have to answer these questions for yourself, regardless. Good luck!

  1. Trigger warning. Suicide, abuse, threatened violence against women, weight shaming, misogyny. Incels. 
  2. Maybe? 
  3. Again, maybe… And that’s the point.