Missile Base for Sale — Alert Tom Cruise

Titan Missle Base Once again, eBay comes through with the hot real estate. You can buy your very own Titan missile base in central Washington state for the low, low price of $1.5 million.

Someone tell Tom Cruise about the bargain. The Titan base is much less expensive than the $10 million some say Tom is planning to spend building a bunker under his Telluride estate to protect against the upcoming Xenu attack.

Hat tip: Art and The Superficial.

Ebay Auction: Pokemon Cards

Art is a good friend who forwards interesting tidbits. This one is too good not to pass on:

Dear Brent and Suzie;

Well, maybe you don’t have 6 children to take to the grocery store… but I still think you will enjoy reading this ebay auction story <grin>. I printed this out and read it to the family at supper time, to much laughter. Saith Ronda; “I NEVER take six children to the grocery store!”


I have already forwarded it to Suzi’s parents (who did take six kids to the grocery store). Suzi and I have “only” four kids, but Dawn’s story rings painfully true. We would read The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies as part of our pre-shopping lecture.

Better yet, Dawn has much more on her blog. She describes herself:

I’m a stay-at-home mom of six kids – 12 year old Aj, 11 year old Nana, 9 year old Boo, 6 year old Princess, 3 year old Spaz, and 1 year old Baby. I have 14 brain cells left. ‘Nuf said.

Ha ha! Thanks, Art, for the laugh!