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  • Intel blogging

    Blogging is becoming a way of life at Intel but most of it takes place behind the firewall where Intel’s watchers and customers cannot see it. Here are a few notable exceptions: [email protected] Blog — Official Intel blogging Intel Perspective — Anonymous Intel blogging — And now… unofficial Intel blogging by Josh Bancroft If […]

  • IBM encourages its employees to blog

    IBM is encouraging its 320,000 employees to actively blog. Wow! Not just putting up with employees blogging, but encouraging it. Recognizing potential issues, IBM also released 11 guidelines so its blogging employees “don’t end up like certain notable ex-employees of certain notable other companies.” See, “Dooce.” IBM’s guidelines directly contradict CNN’s “Practicing safe blogging” by […]

  • As the World Turns

    Stop the world; I want to get off. Actually, I feel like I did and I’m trying to get back on. After being sick for over a week, going on vacation for a long weekend (while sick), and then having a two-day business trip packed with fun-filled meetings (yup, that’s the closest I’ll come to […]