I’m No Superhero

I’m no superhero, but three to four times a year I save lives. In fact, I did it again today.

After lunch, I walked to the local library where the American Red Cross had a blood drive. In about an hour I’d saved up to three lives.

You could donate blood, too, even if you’re a wimp. I know, because I am.

What’s stopping you? Be someone’s hero.

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Back on the Cot Again — Donating Blood

I give blood. Will you?

After a year’s hiatus,1Going to rural areas of China last year placed me on a one-year waiting period because of malaria concerns. I donated blood again today. It feels good. :-)

Even if you’re afraid of needles, you can give blood, too. Just read my wimpy blood donor survival guide.

Please join me this holiday season in donating blood. You could save up to three lives.

Brent Logan, Blood Donor

I donated blood just over a month ago and my donor card came in the mail today. W00t! I’m official!

Actually, it’s not my first time; it’s just the only time the American Red Cross has it on record. I gave blood once before while in college, in the dark ages before computers ran willy-nilly over the face of the earth. So my blood donor card says “Units Lifetime: 1” when it’s actually 2. My goal is to make this 1-unit error insignificant.

I can give blood again on November 19. Will you join me?