Dog names — We’re taking suggestions

The problem with kids growing up is that they move out–and they take their dogs with them!

We went from everyone living at home last summer to being empty nesters, losing two wonderful labs in the process. Now seems like the perfect time to consider getting a dog of our own.1No, were not thinking about having more kids, too… ;-) Because the dogs that left were chocolate and yellow labs, it feels right to get a black lab to complete the set.

Names we’re2Okay, these are names I’m currently considering. Suzi’s probably wondering why I want to go through the puppy stage again. currently considering are:

  • Shadow
  • Pepper
  • Darth

Do you have any suggestions for us?


Chocolate Medicine

I love when Mousse saunters over to flop down and rest her head across my feet. Chocolate labs are healing to the soul.


Chip at work

Chip at work