Dixie Sunrise

We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise1I take a lot of pictures of Dixie sunsets, including last night, but I think this is my first Dixie sunrise. up the hills from Walla Walla.

Dixie Sunset

When we visit our relatives near Dixie, we are usually blessed with beautiful sunsets. This trip was no exception.

Dixie Hills

Headed back up the hills from Walla Walla yesterday evening, I stopped at the truck weigh station east of town to see the sunset across the valley. Then I toured some of the country roads nearby looking for a better vantage.1I was hoping for a tall, gray grain elevator in the foreground. By the time I found the road, the sunset was done and there were too many power lines for my taste. So I headed off to other roads for the above shot. As it was getting dark, I turned the other direction for this shot. The picture is low key, but those in the NW will be able to relate to the weather we’re getting this weekend.