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  • Disqus and the Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme

    Many WordPress sites use the Disqus Comment System because it’s powerful, social, and adds some features not available with the standard WordPress comment system. Twenty Sixteen Is Not Designed For Disqus Unfortunately, the Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme is not designed for Disqus. On narrow screens like smartphones, Twenty Sixteen displays Disqus full width against the […]

  • Intense Debate: Who Owns Your Comments?

    Intense Debate wants to know who owns your comments. In a poll, they offer three alternative proposals: Blog Publisher Ownership – Comments made on a blog belong to the blog owner, giving them the ability to edit the comments as they see fit (deleting and editing comments). Blog owners have had this ability with WordPress […]

  • Disqus: Bloggers Should be able to Edit Comments

    According to Danial Ha on the Disqus Blog: Bloggers should still control: […]c) The modification of a comment, as long as the original copy is still accessible and the edit is transparent (Source.) Yes! Exactly what I’ve been saying. Maybe Disqus will get it implemented before Intense Debate does (if they ever do). I continue […]

  • The Disqus Experiment is more an experiment than a platform for expressing my ideas. At least that’s the way it’s played out. It works for me. I have fun trying new cool things. If I have anything important (or not) to say, I have a place to say it. It’s time to try a new comment system. […]