Litmus Tests

What if litmus tests become common?” asks Dave Winer. Go read it. It’s short. I’ll wait.

In applying for a board position, I was asked a litmus test question. I answered truthfully, “I don’t agree with all of these statements.” I specifically pointed out my disagreement and why. And I still got the position. But I might not have.1And as an unpaid, volunteer position, the monetary impact on me would have been nil. I’m not tooting my horn too hard here. But it was a position I wanted.

Those of us who value diversity need to be willing to answer honestly. After all, if an organization won’t hire me because of my human rights values, do I really want to spend the majority of my waking hours around narrow-minded bigots?2Yes, I understand intolerance of intolerance. But integrity should limit one’s tactics.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not advocating all should have the same values or that I would work only with those who share my values. I like Andrew Sullivan’s view:

If we cannot live and work alongside people with whom we deeply disagree, we are finished as a liberal society.

Gay marriage seems to be a dangerous topic these days. But it shouldn’t be.3Here is my post on Prop 8.

I Got Winered

A big thanks to Dave Winer for tweeting my last post. I got a spike in traffic, above the fold in the search results,1Don’t think of this as bragging. It’s “sharing experiences with family and close friends.” Besides, the credit goes to Dave. and a warm feeling.2Oh yeah, and my Klout score dropped. Ha! :-D :-)

Buzz Kill

Google Buzz Icon

Watch Dave Winer’s opinion of Google Buzz drive off the cliff:

  • Twitter-killing follow-up. (Scripting News). #
  • My first Buzz tweet. Not sure if you’ll be able to read this. Let me know. #
  • After 15 minutes I remember that Google is mean and distrusting and filled with side-goals that have nothing to do with delighting users. #
  • When I first tried Flickr it was pure fun. Same with every other product that ended up being big in the social media space. #
  • I got to the API and saw: No Twitter compatibility. That’s a big red X over the future of Google’s latest misadventure. Pfffft. #
  • Google Buzz? Pfffft. (Scripting News). #
  • How do I get Buzz out of the user interface of Gmail? Show me where I opted in to this horror. I want the option. This is so f***ed up. #
  • They put a virus into Gmail. They’re killing their own product. Fools. Stupid. Grrr. #
  • There’s a command to turn off Buzz at the bottom of the Gmail page. #

Ouch! I’m still waiting to try Buzz.

Quote of the Day — Dave Winer

Truth — Hillary has no actual experience to justify the 3AM ad. She’s never held an executive government position. 0 years experience. #

Same with McCain, btw, who makes the experience claims Hillary does. #

Woke up at 3AM to see how I felt about George Bush answering the phone at the White House. No conclusion. Went back to sleep. #

From Dave Winer on Twitter.

Update: Dave weighs in on being my Quote of the Day:

Quote of the Day. Heh. #

Hard to beat that! ;-)