Chilly Flock

A chill in the air decreases the spacing between the birds on the wire. Nearly a month ago, when the weather was warmer, fewer birds were more widely spaced.

Am I the only one reminded of aphids?


Cold Lunch Ride

I’m back from my lunch ride: 27 degrees1 with 20 mph winds (gusts to 30). No wonder I felt like a slug going upwind. Well, that, and the fact that it’s pretty hard to get enough oxygen through those little holes in the face mask.

  1. Btw, I love this cold weather. I wear my flannel-lined jeans to work; no one knows they feel just like jammies. ;-) 

Morning Commute, Part XVIII

Today was another chilly, sub-freezing morning, though the picture I snapped on the way to work could pass for early spring.1

I dressed for bicycling in the cold: rain pants over long pants, rain jacket over long sleeved T-shirt and long sleeved pullover, Gore-Tex helmet liner, headband over nose and mouth, full-finger gloves, and sunglasses. Amazingly, I did not overheat. Instead, my feet got cold. If this weather continues, I think I’ll try a couple of pairs of socks.

  1. Fewer leaves than a month ago

Snow Dusting

Biking in the cold is a challenge.

I’ve figured out how to stay warm. I wear my rain suit over my street clothes, a beanie under my helmet, waterproof, full-fingered gloves, and clear protective glasses. I’m plenty warm.

That’s the problem. By the time I get to work, I’m too warm. I’m experimenting with unzipping my jacket and riding slower, but I still have work to do.

One unexpected discovery: it’s easier to maintain cooler temperatures in the rain — the cool rain on my suit and face cools me quite nicely.

If you’re biking this time of year, how do you regulate your temperature throughout the ride?


It’s a little cold for the banana belt of Portland.