Christmas Tree, 2020 edition

As is our tradition, we headed off into the hills to cut down our Christmas tree. The farm we’ve gone to the last few years is closed to U-cut this year, so we tried a different farm. After tramping through acres of too-short trees, we took a look at the trees they’d already cut. So that’s where all the good trees ended up!

We picked one out, had them bale it for us, loaded it up and took it home. A baled tree is so much easier to get on the car and into the house. Wow!

Later in the day, we put on the lights, ribbons, and ornaments. The angel needs a little work. Right now, it’s just a ring of lights around the top sprig.

Suzi put out all the stockings. When we put one up for the kids and dogs1Sorry cats — you don’t seem to make the cut. we have more than will fit on the mantle.

A decorated tree

After getting the tree home yesterday, we washed it, shook it, and left it outside to dry. Then we put it in a stand in a different corner of the room than usual. Lights, ribbons, candy canes, and an angel later, we paused to take it all in.

Mmm… It’s a little taller than we’d expected. Not a bad thing.

It might be time to get some presents.

Fetching the Christmas Tree 2015

The first weekend after Thanksgiving Day is our traditional time to fetch our Christmas tree. Any earlier invades Thanksgiving; any later gives up valuable days we can confuse the pets with a tree in the house. ;-)

After inspecting the entire tree farm and much discussion, we found our tree, cut it down, tied it to the top of the car, and drove

It was nice to have Melissa home this year have Kevin wield the saw.

Getting the Christmas tree, 2014

This afternoon, we trekked into the hills to get a Christmas tree. We went to the same farm we did in 2010, 2011, and 2012.1Last year, due to everything else that was going on, we got a tree from a lot.

Unlike years in the past, we had no rain, no snow, no fog, and no mud. We also had no problem finding a nice tree, cutting it down,2I love a sharp saw. carrying it to the car,3With help from one of the farmer’s daughters. lifting it up,4With Jamison’s help. He’s getting tall — and strong. tying it down,5Jamison’s help, again. bringing it home,6The wheels on the car go round and round? setting it up,7Yup, with Jamison’s help again. I don’t know what I’m going to do without that boy. :-) and decorating it.8Everyone helped! Even Mousse and Meisa wanted to get in on the fun. *<:-)

About all that’s left is to take a pretty picture of it. Maybe tomorrow night. It’s going to be up for a while. :-)

Merry Christmas Eve

Before opening our traditional Christmas Eve gift of PJs, we posed the kids in front of the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!