Comfortable with change

Before and after the election, pollsters have attempted to explain the divide between Trump and Clinton voters. They credited:

I suspect I’ve forgotten a few other factors.

Along comes yet another poll, this one from NBC/WSJ, with a different result. This time the relevant factor is being comfortable with change. I wonder how this correlates with the other factors (and how closely it duplicates the link I shared earlier on values modes).

What do you think?

Requirements Freeze

When someone talks about a requirements freeze, remember glaciers. Although frozen, they move — and when they do, they grind everything in their paths. Always have an escape route.


coins The only real constant is change

A change would do you good –Sheryl Crow

Nothing improves without change

Nothing endures but change –Heraclitus

Change in all things is sweet –Aristotle

Keep the change

Photo credit: “Coins” by Chris_J on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.