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  • Hobie 14 Pitchpole


    The boat in the video1Following a chain of YouTube videos starting with my prior post resulted in this Hobie 14 video. reminds me of the 14 I used to have and the customizations I did to it: double-grommeted trampoline with larger diameter shock cord, dolphin striker, trapeze, and non-skid on the side rails. It was awesome!

    The pitchpole reminds me of a beautiful morning many years ago, screaming across Eagle Lake on the trapeze in freshening winds before the chop had built up. Increasing winds must have pushed the leeward bow under the water because the next thing I knew, I was swinging out in front of the mast, my mass pulling the cat turtle in no time flat. And it was then that I was glad my trapeze hook had the opening at the bottom.

    I’ll never understand why Hobie stopped selling the 14. It’s the first catamaran Hobart designed and his best. RIP, Hobie.

  • Cat Ballou on San Francisco Bay

    This last Thursday, Cat Ballou hosted my work team on the San Francisco Bay for a team builder. We sailed from Sausalito, where Cat Ballou is based, out toward the Golden Gate. We sailed by Pier 39 and enjoyed the view of the city. As one of the “crew” said, San Francisco is best seen from the bay.

    As we approached the Bay Bridge, we noticed a fire on Yerba Buena Island. We called 9-1-1 and heard the emergency vehicles going over the bridge as we went under it. We rounded the island and went under the new eastern spans being built just north of the existing double-decker span. Continuing north, we passed east of Angel Island and headed back to the dock.

    A great time was had by all!



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