Cannon Beach Sunset

Cannon Beach was beautiful yesterday. Midday, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the winds were light. The winds increased, and a bank of clouds blew in, eliminating any chance for a sunset — or so I thought.

After pizza, I ran to the end of 2nd Street to get one last glimpse of the ocean. On the horizon was this glowing pinkish-orange object shaped like a ship. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could get an entire ship to glow so bright, so colorful.

Fortunately, I didn’t ask anyone what it was. After all, we Oregonians sometimes joke about not knowing what that bright round object in the sky is. I’ve just never asked for real.1before… :-/

Saturday at Cannon Beach

We skipped church and went to the beach this past Saturday. The weather was beautiful (if you’re an Oregonian). Just a light mist and no not a lot of wind. That’s a wonderful trade.

Turns out, they were having the sandcastle competition at Cannon Beach. We were on the beach in time to see the wave start to reclaim territory. As we walked back to the car, the clouds and fog continued to roll in. Nice!

Cannon Beach

We took a quick trip to the Oregon coast this afternoon, visiting Cannon Beach.

After arriving, we ate a quick picnic lunch in the car and then headed to the beach. Bundled-up people and the happiest dogs greeted us as we walked toward Haystack Rock. I was taking pictures of the clouds and noted, “Looks like it could rain soon.” I turned to continue on my way to Haystack Rock. Suzi wisely suggested we head back. Even though we did so immediately, it rained and hailed on us before we reached the sea wall — and then it stopped.

We toured our favorite art gallery, selected our favorites, and left them behind. We explored the nearby toy store, playing with bristlebots and finding a large metal bug sculpture that would look great (ha!) in the garden.

On the way home, we discovered the storm that had dumped rain and hail on us, snowed on the passes of the coastal mountains.

Another great day on the Oregon coast!

For more information on sun dogs, visit Atmospheric Optics.