Daily Commute IV

Work this morning started with a 7 AM meeting.1Just one of the benefits of working for a multinational corporation. Time zone coordination is critical, as is sharing the pain of inconvenient meeting times. After the meeting, I headed off to work on my bike. In Dawson Creek Park, I saw some ducklings for the second time this season and the three families of Canada geese with goslings that hang out together. Although they’ve had gray coloration for a while,2When Canada geese goslings hatch, they’re yellow! it seems like just this week that they’ve started having white and black tail feathers. I guess I’ll have to go check some earlier photos. And of course, I took a picture of my favorite clump of trees.

What a great way to start my Friday!

Morning Commute, Part V

These geese were circling the ponds of Dawson Creek.

This morning was cold, probably our first day below freezing this fall. Even with long pants, helmet liner, full gloves, and jacket, the wind chill was inescapable. To stay warm, I slowed down and enjoyed the ride — and stopped and took pictures.

I’m looking forward to the change back to standard time. ‘Course, that doesn’t come for free: the ride home will be in the dark. I’m prepared for that, though. I just replaced the batteries in my bike lights. I have a reflective vest and reflective tape on my DIY bucket pannier.