Good weather means Mt. Tabor longboarding

Portland’s weather yesterday was incredible — it hit 73!

But that’s not where the story starts. Last Friday, I get a Slack message from coworker Caleb:

Hey, we should go longboarding next week sometime. It?s supposed to be pretty warm the last half of the week. What days were best to ride longboards at Mt Tabor?

Because Mt. Tabor Park is closed to automobile traffic on Wednesdays, that’s the best day.1Though my favorite run is closed to traffic all the time. :-) It’s also the day that Robin’s Longboarding 101 class was to start, so it would be fun to see my friends from that.

So we planned to knock off early on Wednesday, meet up at the park, and do some runs.2It would also be a great opportunity to take my first runs on my birthday presents: Never Summer Reaper board, Bear Kodiak trucks, and Purple Kegal wheels, with my homemade footstop. Thanks to Caleb for recording this run and letting me post it here. And I’ve reversed my longboarding emoticon so left is up to avoid getting “Wait, is it a guy in an office chair lifting his longboard up to his eyes?” from Caleb. :-D Thanks to the best weather of the year so far happening on a Wednesday, a lot of Portland’s longboarding community descended on Mt. Tabor, too.

Good times!


Caleb and Willa King Play the National Anthem

In my inbox this morning, I found the following e-mail from a family/church friend:

Taylor, Caleb, Willa and I drove down to the stadium in the afternoon, picked up back-stage passes and were directed to a dressing room. After a sound check we returned to the dressing room where the children practiced a few more times. Caleb and Willa were escorted onto the court and at 7PM the lights dimmed. They stepped out to the center of the court and played the anthem. I stood at court side with my video camera, taking this 2-minute clip. The announcer said there were 24,000 people at the game. Quite an experience for these two. Quite a proud papa watching them!

Nicely done! Papa’s not the only one proud of these two. :-)

Update. I edited the first sentence to clarify that I didn’t write the quoted e-mail. Caleb and Willa are not my children and I can’t claim any credit. I’m just proud.

Update (2/7/2010). The Blazers provided Art with some professional video of Caleb and Willa playing.

Oh, and the Blazer’s beat Sacramento.