A view from seat 27F

Yesterday I had the opportunity to fly to LA for a day-long client visit. Of course, I sat by the window and took pictures. It was nice to be in the air again. :-)

Coming into the station

Waiting for the eastbound MAX, the westbound train headed into the station.

I’m looking forward to longer days and brighter mornings.

My favorite photos of 2016

At the end of every year, I review the pictures I’ve posted here and select a few I’m most proud of. This year is no exception.


And one animation, for fun. :-)

Do you have a favorite?

Update. Like last year, there’s a site that generates a collage of an account’s nine most liked Instagram pictures. Also like last year, there’s virtually no overlap between the pictures I’m most proud of here and my Instagram #2016bestnine pics.

Okay, last year there was no overlap; this year one picture is in both sets. Alright, Gilly in the tall grass! To be fair, I don’t post many picture on both sites.

Logan family reunion, 2016

Continuing my trend, I took a bunch of pictures at the biennial Logan family reunion, but none include anyone recognizable.1I’m sure one unnamed person appreciates this? ;-) ;-)

We had a great time, talking, getting caught up, cooking and eating, meeting, and playing games. Some of us held snakes.2Not in a Mark 16:18 sense, but because boas and pythons are cool. Many of us spent virtually no time online as there was no cell service and wifi only in the lodge.3Which is not the building we spent our time, and when we did, service was slow and Pok?mon Go unresponsive.

We were blessed with snow Saturday afternoon and then Saturday night, maybe six inches total. Certainly enough to make it tough to get outta town without help from the plow, and perfect for taking pictures.

With the help of Google Photos, I made a couple of animations.

I hope you also had a blessed Thanksgiving season.

Misty morning

Here is a sample post created automatically using the Instagrate WordPress plugin. It pulled in my most recent Instagram picture, created a new post, and set the picture as the featured image.

I’m ambivalent about Instagrate. It’s very easy to use. Yet, it only pulls in 640×640 pixel images, not the 800 pixel width that I’d prefer for viewing my site on the desktop. However, the vast majority of my visitors use mobile devices with smaller screens so they will never see the difference.


My recent Instagram photos

I’ve been too busy to get my recent Instagram shots posted here.

It’s probably time to investigate plugins for automatically grabbing my Instagram shots and posting them here. Last time I looked, the plugin pulled over a small image. Since then, Instagram has increased the size of photos it stores. Maybe the plugin has followed suit.

Update. I installed Instagrate to see whether it’s something I want to use. Not right now, but it sounds like an update that supports larger pictures and the new Instagram API will arrive before June. I can’t wait.