My day in D.C.

Today I spent a quick day in D.C., touring a few places as part of the GAiN Conference. We went to the National Geographic Museum and watched Jerusalem3D.1 Then we went to the Newseum.2 We drove through by the Jefferson Memorial and stopped at the Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial.

  1. And I took a selfie with the pope in the gift shop. ;-) 
  2. I learned that I can’t look through Pulitzer Prize-winning photos. So many are heart-rending… 

Portland Photo Walk

Ashley’s buying a camera seemed like a good excuse to roam downtown Portland. We wandered around Tanner Springs Park, Jamison Square, Pioneer Courthouse Square (where we caught an impromptu concert by Without Apology), Director Park, and The Fields Neighborhood Park. Then we walked the Eastbank Esplanade from the Vera Katz sculpture to north of Burnside and back.

Portland is beautiful! :-)