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Tag: Bruce Schneier

  • Privacy Under Attack: The NSA Files Revealed New Threats to Democracy

    Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy, by Eben Moglen. “It is utterly inconsistent with the American ideal to attempt to fasten procedures of totalitarianism on American constitutional self-governance. But there is an even deeper inconsistency between those ideals and the subjection of every other society on earth to mass surveillance.”…

  • Government Secrets and the Need for Whistle-blowers

    Government Secrets and the Need for Whistle-blowers. A great essay by Bruce Schneier. “Whistle-blowing is the moral response to immoral activity by those in power.”

  • Bruce Schneier on Digital Spying

    Congress may revive a bill prohibiting U.S. tech companies from working with governments that digitally spy on their citizens. Bruce Schneier responds: “Of course, the bill won’t go anywhere, but shouldn’t someone inform those members of Congress about what’s been going on in the United States for the past eight years?” Bruce Schneier Touché.