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  • Left-Handed Bowling

    Left-Handed Bowling

    Jamison and I bowled a couple of games tonight. In the first game, I bowled right-handed, as I’ve done for every single frame of my entire life. In the second game, I bowled left-handed, the first time ever, with bumpers up. What’s disturbing to me is that it’s not obvious which game is which. Before…

  • Bowling Personal Best

    Bowling Personal Best

    Jamison and I went bowling last night, our first time taking advantage of two free games a day, every day, all summer long at our local alley. I started out strong, breaking 100 with my first 5 frames. In a typical game, I feel pretty good breaking 100 for all 10 frames. Jamison did well,…

  • Quick Bowl

    Quick Bowl

    Jamison, Hannah, and I decided bowling would be a great way to cap off the weekend. What fun!

  • Today was a super day to go bowling

    Today was a super day to go bowling. Thanks to an invite, Jamison and I did more this super Sunday afternoon than sit and watch the tube. Thanks, Rob and Ethan!