Q: What do Oregonians call a sunny day after two days rain?
A: Monday.

Although this applies today, who am I to complain? Today is beautiful!


Riding home through Dawson Creek Park, I stopped to admire some clouds.

This picture is currently my desktop image, blog background, and Facebook and Twitter header images.

Signal Post

After taking the picture of the oak tree, I left my camera hanging on its strap around my neck as a continued biking home. Wouldn’t you know, I had to stop for a red light. So I did what I normally do with my camera: take a picture of a pole.

View from the Back of the Bus

Headed home from Folsom, I chose the last seat on the left side of the plane, hoping to repeat a shot I took more than a year ago.

It’s interesting how the different cameras show the same view. I shot this one with my Samsung Galaxy S5, last year’s most likely with a Canon PowerShot S100.


The weather prognosticators say Hillsboro will be 73 today and 85 tomorrow. We are almost giddy.1And bragging only a little… ;-) :-)