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  • One Question To Ask Yourself Before You Start Blogging

    There’s one question you need to ask yourself before you start blogging: Do I want to blog? That’s it. End of story. Forget about some narrowly-focused questionnaire that makes blogging sound hard or serious or demanding. Do I want to blog? Suppose the next time you’re in a bookstore you see a journal. You think…

  • Jamison the Blogger

    I check my inbox and found this: Dear journal. From the the time we left the house to now, a lot has happened. We left our house at 2:18. Then we drove over to the fredmeyer parking lot and stopes at Panda Express. There I got a pandabowl with rice and orange chicken. After that…

  • Exerslog Not Quite Dead

    I wrote a new post at Exerslog. I had to. Google Reader was taunting me that it was inactive. No promises for the future, though.

  • Update Your Blogroll Automatically

    I used to use WordPress’ built-in blogroll capabilities. No more — it was too much work. My blogroll now updates automatically to always show the feeds I’m reading. Here’s how you can do it, too: Set up Google Reader as your RSS reader. I suspect other online readers would also work, but I know Google’s…

  • Brutal Blog Readers

    Catch My Attention. I read a bunch of blogs. So many that I don’t really read them — I skim them in my RSS reader. If something about your post catches my eye (the title, a graphic, bolded headings) I might actually read it. Provide only partial feeds and I’m likely to pass on by.…

  • Ashley Posts Again

    New post from Ashley. She’s posting about as often as I am…

  • Links for May 9, 2007

    One link for today. Are You Statisfied? — Show you latest visitor on a Google map in real time. Here’s the blogan map. I imagine this would be even more exciting for those who get more hits. ;-)

  • Exerslog: My New Exercise Blog

    I just started Exerslog, my new blog, to record my exercising. Drop on by, leave me a comment. Send me a link to your exercise blog.

  • Is Your Blog Available in China?

    Does China block your blog? Find out.