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  • Jamison the Blogger

    I check my inbox and found this:

    Dear journal. From the the time we left the house to now, a lot has happened. We left our house at 2:18. Then we drove over to the fredmeyer parking lot and stopes at Panda Express. There I got a pandabowl with rice and orange chicken. After that we got on to highway 26th. Heather and Melissa decided to watch What Happens in Vegas. While they watched that I read a little of my book Hedge Hogs in The Closet. Todd just fell asleep. We drove for a hour and fifteen minutes then stopped at starbucks. We all used the restroom and got a drink. I got a grande double chocolate frap, Todd got the same as me, Heather got a tall iced chai, Melissa got a tall chai tea frap, and mom got a vente iced chai. After that Heather and Melissa finished there movie and started another called Step Up Two while me and Todd played ds downloads on Super Mario Bros. We drove another hour and a half then stopped at a shell gas station and went the bathroom and filled up the gas tank. We left the gas station at 6:45. Heather and Melissa finished Step Up Two and Heather started the movie 21 and bored of it and switched to just reading a book. We drove another forty five minutes and entered Washington. From then on we drove untill we reached Grampa and grandmas house

    The End

    From Jamison.

    I think I might be raising another blogger. His domain name is ready when he is. ;-)

  • Exerslog Not Quite Dead

    I wrote a new post at Exerslog. I had to. Google Reader was taunting me that it was inactive. No promises for the future, though.

  • Update Your Blogroll Automatically

    I used to use WordPress’ built-in blogroll capabilities. No more — it was too much work. My blogroll now updates automatically to always show the feeds I’m reading. Here’s how you can do it, too:

    1. Set up Google Reader as your RSS reader. I suspect other online readers would also work, but I know Google’s does.
    2. Create a tag to apply to each feed that will show up in the blogroll. Being quite the original, I used blogroll.
    3. Apply this blogroll tag to those feeds you want in your blogroll. If you read a lot of feeds, this can take some time. Use it like I did to delete feeds that no longer update or that you don’t really read anymore.
    4. From Google Reader, select Settings > Tags and make the blogroll tag public, then select “add a blogroll to your site.” I chose the “none” color scheme so I could style the appearance myself. If you are putting your blogroll on a Blogger blog, you might want to select one of the pre-styled versions.
    5. Cut and paste the code from the previous step to display where you want it. WordPress has widgets (or the K2 Sidebar Modules that I prefer) and Blogger has template settings to configure your blog’s appearance.

    That’s it — you’re done. Next time you subscribe to a new feed, decide whether you want it displayed on your blogroll. If you do, apply the blogroll tag and it will automatically show. Delete a feed from your reader and it’s gone from your blogroll. No additional work is necessary.

  • Brutal Blog Readers

    Catch My Attention. I read a bunch of blogs. So many that I don’t really read them — I skim them in my RSS reader. If something about your post catches my eye (the title, a graphic, bolded headings) I might actually read it. Provide only partial feeds and I’m likely to pass on by. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. Give me a reason to read your post or I won’t.

    Don’t Disappoint Me. Sometimes, it would be better if I don’t read your post. Because I continue to add new blogs to my reader, I’m always looking for an excuse to dump a feed. Disappoint me too many times (or once really bad) and that post may be the last I read.

    Give Me a Say. Invite my comments and make it easy. (Those of you with captcha; I’m talking to you. Find another way to prevent spam.) Send me updates when someone else comments and I’ll keep coming back.

    What Say You? Are you a brutal reader? What makes you read a post? What makes you never come back?

  • Ashley Posts Again

    New post from Ashley. She’s posting about as often as I am…

  • Links for May 9, 2007

    One link for today.

    • Are You Statisfied? — Show you latest visitor on a Google map in real time. Here’s the blogan map. I imagine this would be even more exciting for those who get more hits. ;-)
  • Exerslog: My New Exercise Blog

    I just started Exerslog, my new blog, to record my exercising.

    Drop on by, leave me a comment. Send me a link to your exercise blog.

  • On PayPerPost

    My brother is a PayPerPost blogger. I looked at it but couldn’t join because I have blogging gaps longer than PPP allows. Photo Matt writes and his commenters continue on the ethics and economics of blog advertising.



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