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  • Biking Recap for July 2014

    Biking Recap for July 2014

    My July Bicycling Accomplishments This wasn’t much of an accomplishment for me, but another big thank-you to Hillsboro’s Bike N’ Hike. I broke two spokes on my rear wheel within the span of a fortnight. The second time I questioned whether it would make more sense to get a brand new wheel. Maybe mine had […]

  • Thanks, Bike N’ Hike!

    Yesterday I discovered a broken a spoke in my rear wheel. Today I took it to Bike N’ Hike, knowing they’d get me rolling again. After I told them I hoped to get it fixed sometime today, they removed the cogs and spoke guard, installed a new spoke and nipple, and trued the wheel. Putting […]

  • I Got a New Bike

    I Got a New Bike

    Fathers’ Day came early this year. And my family is wily. That combination turned out great for me yesterday. Melissa invited me to Bike N’ Hike during lunch under the ruse of having me help her find a front wicker basket. She apparently hoped I’d want to test ride a bike I’ve had my eye […]

  • Good Guys: Les Schwab Tires and Bike N’ Hike

    When someone treats me poorly, my first inclination is to complain about it, preferably in a public forum. In the last couple of weeks or so, a couple of businesses have been great. I thought I’d tell you. Les Schwab: My daughter Heather and a couple of her friends were heading to central Oregon for […]