1,800 Miles

With wet weather and business trips, the miles are coming a little slower in November. Still, It’s worth noting my hitting 1,800 miles11,560 + 240. on the bike in 2013 earlier today.

Biking Recap for July 2013

This is a record month for me!

Mileage Summary

DistanceTime / Bike
345 milesBiked in July 20131407 – 62
647 milesBiked in 20132407 + 240
482 milesBiked on Sage3407 + 75

And the smileage keeps increasing. How is your biking going?

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Last month’s riding left me short 104 miles compared with last year. I was hoping to catch up this month.

That’s before I realized that last July we had a biking Sunriver vacation, resulting in a July 2012 biking mileage of 226 miles!

Wow. To catch up, I’d need to ride 330 miles this month.

My bike computer after today’s 31.6-mile ride (above) shows I’ve gone 177 miles so far this month, so it’s possible. I just wonder if it’s probable…1After all, I think today’s ride was too far, at least with my city bike and my body.

At least I’m not likely to lose ground this month.

  • 1
    After all, I think today’s ride was too far, at least with my city bike and my body.

Biking Recap for June 2013

With getting a new bike, and breaking and replacing my cycle computer, tracking my distance biked this year and this month got a more complex. Fortunately, the milestone mileages make for easy math.

  • 165 miles — old bike, this year, including this month
  • 75 miles — new bike, old cycle computer, this month only
  • 62 miles — new bike, new cycle computer, this month only

Total for this year is 302 miles, 104 miles less than I had biked by this time last year. Unfortunately, I don’t know how much of the old bike mileage was from June. Through the end of April, I’d biked 95 miles. And I know I biked 137 miles on my new bike, all in June. That may be as good as it gets. The good news is, I have biked every day to work since getting my new bike, discounting the couple of days I traveled to Folsom for work.

Biking Recap for December 2012, for 2012, and for January 2013

Yesterday, Jamison wanted to go for a bike ride. Before we left, I took a picture of my bike’s odometer. I needn’t have bothered. It has the same number it did at the end of November. That means I didn’t bike in December or January. Pitiful!

December: 0 miles
2012: 933 miles172,691 – 71,758

January: 0 miles

I didn’t get my 1,000 miles for last year, but it’s a new year.

It’s time to get on the bike.

Biking Recap for October 2012

I had a wimpy month on the bike!

October: 47 miles172,669 – 72,622
2012: 911 miles272,669 – 71,758

We finally got rain, a little before the middle of the month, and it’s stuck with us. Although I have rain gear in the closet, I lost the waterproof cover for my pannier earlier in the year. Although I don’t mind getting a little wet, my laptop must stay dry during the commute.

I’d make more excuses, but that would bore even me.

It’s time to jump back on the bike and get 89 miles before the end of the year. That shouldn’t be too hard.

How much did you bike in October?

Distance47.23 miles
Average speed13.3 miles per hour
Maximum speed23.5 miles per hour
ATM3:32:22 H:M:S

Biking Recap September 2012

It was another beautiful month on the bike!

September: 105 miles172,622 – 72,517
2012: 864 miles272,622 – 71,758

Other than one ride to school board after work (8.6 miles to home) and a trip to the Evergreen campus (5.9 miles to home) the rest of my riding was commuting about 7 miles to work, round trip. If my math is correct, that’s 14 days on the bike this month. Not bad considering I traveled for business a couple of days and was sick a few days.

Now that the days are shorter, the sun is lower when I’m riding. I’ve been using my blinkies again to be more visible. The ride home after the board meeting was in the dark, peaceful and quiet. I don’t think a car passed me the whole way home.

So far, still no rain. My rain gear is sitting lonely and unused in the closet. Unfortunately, I lost the waterproof cover for my pannier. I still haven’t decided whether I will try to make a cover or buy a better pannier.

How did your September biking go?

Distance104.90 miles
Average speed13.4 miles per hour
Maximum speed26.4 miles per hour
ATM7:48:14 H:M:S