Game night with the Hillsboro Hops

A big thanks to my Starbucks friend1Starbucks is my Cheers. Norm! Rich, who invited me to a Hillsboro Hops game last night. The game was great, the seats were incredible,2Section 11. Row D. Seat 5. Came with free food and drinks. ‘Nuff said. :-) the Star Wars theme was fun,3Lots of pro-looking costumes. Kids in cute costumes. Instead of pictures of the opposing team’s batters, the scoreboard showed pictures of Stormtroopers. If you look closely at the left side of the scoreboard, you can see the batter is Stormtrooper John Riley, catcher for the visiting team. and the Hops crushed their opponents.

Good times! :-)

Play ball!

Today was my son’s first baseball game; am I ever proud! Not only did “Bub” hit every time at bat (without the tee), but he had a blast and came home with muddy and grass-stained knees. I don’t think you could have pried that grin off his face with a crowbar (somehow, that visual doesn’t seem to work…). Anyway, only one more practice and then it’s just games until the end of the season.

There’s gotta be a special place in heaven for coaches. These guys (and gals) donate a couple of evenings each week to teach first graders how to play baseball. Our coach is doing a great job, and with his wry sense of humor, he’s helping everyone else have a good time, too. You should have seen his face when three of the kids voted for the team name to be the “Green Lima Beans.” Fortunately, convention prevailed and five voted for the “Green Hornets.” (The “Green Grass” only received one vote.) Can you guess the color of their jerseys?

I bought a baseball glove during lunch today. If I don’t blog as regularly, you’ll know what I’m doing.