I have to imagine a huge sense of freedom comes with no longer being president. Yes, this is the third time I’ve used this image. It still makes me smile. :-) Godspeed, President Obama!

Why is President X So _____?

The Atlantic used Google search autocomplete to discover 50 cities’ stereotypes. I wondered what I could learn about some recent presidents. Apparently, not much. ;-) Did any of these surprise you? Update: Thanks to a comment on Facebook suggesting that these might be honest questions rather than statements, I reattempted the searches. Looks like Reagan… Continue reading Why is President X So _____?

Obama Reelected

Because I’d rather party with the winners than mourn with the losers, I repost this picture from four years ago. My hope for the next four years is that Obama makes good on some of the promises he made during his first presidential bid: get us out of war, restore our civil rights, and lead… Continue reading Obama Reelected

Supreme Court Justices’ Ages, 2012 Election Update

Wars come and go. The economy goes up and goes down. Bulls and bears charge through Wall Street. The military grows more or grows less. Taxes go up and up. Presidents last a term or two. Through it all, supreme court justices write opinions that effect life in America for generations to come. Vote for… Continue reading Supreme Court Justices’ Ages, 2012 Election Update

Obama Worthless in the SOPA/PIPA Battle

I don’t trust President Obama. I don’t trust his promises. I don’t trust his ability to do the right thing. In the big scheme of things, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial is much more important to our theory of government than SOPA/PIPA, yet Obama signed the NDAA after promising a veto. Obama understood… Continue reading Obama Worthless in the SOPA/PIPA Battle

SOPA and PIPA Dead?

Many are celebrating the death of SOPA and PIPA, as the White House issued a statement against some of their key provisions this past Saturday. I’m not so excited. President Obama’s statement fell short of a veto threat. And remember: President Obama made an unambiguous veto threat against NDAA, which authorizes indefinite detention of US… Continue reading SOPA and PIPA Dead?

Obama In My Cube

Today, President Obama visited Intel to tour our facilities and talk about the importance of education. Unfortunately, the live webcast was as close as I got. Welcome to Oregon and to Intel, Mr. President. This post inspired by Josh Bancroft’s similar picture.