Misty morning

Here is a sample post created automatically using the Instagrate WordPress plugin. It pulled in my most recent Instagram picture, created a new post, and set the picture as the featured image.

I’m ambivalent about Instagrate. It’s very easy to use. Yet, it only pulls in 640×640 pixel images, not the 800 pixel width that I’d prefer for viewing my site on the desktop. However, the vast majority of my visitors use mobile devices with smaller screens so they will never see the difference.


Backyard Campout

Jamison decided a backyard campout would be fun. He went with the “full meal deal,” including a fire in the fire pit, s’mores, and a sleepover in the tent.

Meisa made sure all wild animals were kept at bay.

I even remembered to turn off the automatic sprinklers. That would have been a little too exciting at 6:00 in the morning. :-D