First Day of Work for Ashley, Part II

Today is Ashley’s first day of work.1 Here she is, wearing new scrubs appropriate for a pediatric clinic.2

Have a great day, Ashley. We’re so proud of you. :-)

  1. Yeah, I know. This is the second time I’ve written this sentence, and even last time I had a bunch of disclaimers. This is Ashley’s first day of work for a full-time job, in her area of study major. It’s a big deal. :-) 
  2. Pediatric nurses get the coolest scrubs. I got a fashion show last night. 

First Day of Work for Ashley

We have a tradition in our family: on the first day of school we pose the kids on the lawn in front of the Japanese maple tree and take some pictures.

Earlier this summer, Ashley graduated from college and passed her nursing boards. Now we get to start a new tradition. This past Friday was Ashley’s first day of work.1 Here is the commemorative snap.

We’re so proud!

1At least, if you ignore the summers working at camp, the tutoring, the shifts at the front desk, the piano lessons she’s taught, working at the care facility, etc.