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  • My Samsung dryer now spins

    My Samsung dryer now spins

    A couple of days ago my dryer quit working. Thanks to the innerwebs, I was able to debug the issue and get a replacement part on order. Today, the part arrived. Because my laundry room is so shallow, I had to get behind the dryer, then pull the bottom toward me and tilt the top…

  • My Samsung dryer doesn’t spin

    My Samsung dryer doesn’t spin

    My dryer just quit working tonight. Its drum doesn’t spin. So, off to YouTube I went for repair advice. I immediately found a couple of helpful videos. Samsung Dryer Won’t Start or Spin – Troubleshooting and Repair Guide. From this, I determined that the belt was loose, but not broken, so it’s likely an idler…

  • My Washing Machine Works

    My Washing Machine Works

    One more major appliance has yielded to my handyman skills. I spent all Saturday night and most of Sunday draining the drum, removing the drain pump and motor assembly, and then re-installing everything, to have it work only some of the time, and even then, not for long. I was able to eliminate kinked hoses,…