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  • My Samsung dryer now spins

    My Samsung dryer now spins

    A couple of days ago my dryer quit working. Thanks to the innerwebs, I was able to debug the issue and get a replacement part on order. Today, the part arrived.

    Because my laundry room is so shallow, I had to get behind the dryer, then pull the bottom toward me and tilt the top away so I could see into and work through the access port near the bottom of the dryer. Once I’d done that, removing the old idler pulley arm, installing the new one, and threading the drive belt was easy to do. Because the dryer was tilted, I needed to move the drive belt back into the correct position on the drum.

    Many of my home repairs require three trips to the home supply store:

    1. A trip to get the parts I need,
    2. A trip to get the parts I missed because I haven’t done this repair recently (or ever), and
    3. A trip to get the parts to replace those I broke in the repair process.

    This time, I needed only the first trip, and it was virtual! Better yet, the only leftover parts were those that I replaced.

  • My Samsung dryer doesn’t spin

    My Samsung dryer doesn’t spin

    My dryer just quit working tonight. Its drum doesn’t spin. So, off to YouTube I went for repair advice. I immediately found a couple of helpful videos.

    Huh, look at that: the idler pulley is missing! Oh there it is, hiding in the dust bunny in the lower right.

    After another online search, I ordered the replacement part. It should arrive in a couple of days. With a little luck I’ll be able to do the repair without having to move the dryer any farther.

    In the meantime, I’m going to round up some dust bunnies.

  • My Washing Machine Works

    My Washing Machine Works

    One more major appliance has yielded to my handyman skills.

    I spent all Saturday night and most of Sunday draining the drum, removing the drain pump and motor assembly, and then re-installing everything, to have it work only some of the time,1Intermittent bugs are the worst. and even then, not for long. I was able to eliminate kinked hoses, the backflow ball valve, electrical connections, and the control computer as being the problem. In the process, I learned about a filter I should be periodically checking and why smart appliance repairpersons wear gloves.

    I also learned Suzi is much smarter than I in locating parts. I looked online, drove three hours, and didn’t get the part. Following Suzi’s advice, I made two quick calls, drove 45 minutes, and came home with the part. Thanks, Suzi!

    After work, I had the offending motor assembly removed and the new one installed in less than an hour. It even works. :-)

    I think the dishwasher is calling my name.

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      Intermittent bugs are the worst.



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