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  • Cannon Beach for our anniversary

    Cannon Beach for our anniversary

    Suzi and I visited Cannon Beach for our anniversary. It seems like just yesterday that we were on the Oregon Coast for our honeymoon.

  • Ten Year Blogiversary

    Ten years ago, I started this blog with a post about earthquake monitors. Now, 2,304 posts later, I’m still blogging. Over the years, this blog has gone through a lot of change. Quoting my about page: I used be a “serious” blogger and wrote about politics and religion. Now I’m a snapshooter extraordinaire who takes…

  • 15 years at Intel

    Fifteen years ago,I started an adventure.Seems like yesterday.–Brent Logan (2014) Today is my fifteenth anniversary of starting at Intel.

  • Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

    Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

    According to a classic legend, a roman matron asked Rabbi Yosi, “What has your God been doing since finishing the creation of the world?” He replied, “God has been busy making matches.” (Source) I like to think that God made a match of Suzi and me. That makes Suzi a gift from heaven. Happy anniversary,…

  • Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

    Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

    Yesterday, Suzi and I were summoned home for lunch and instructed to arrive together. As we entered the kitchen, we discovered our kids waiting with an anniversary surprise. They had prepared a meal for all of us to enjoy together. There was a gift basket on the counter. And they had selected some of their…

  • Our Anniversary Celebration

    Our Anniversary Celebration

    This afternoon, our kids banished Suzi and me from our house. All we were told is they were preparing an early anniversary celebration for us, could we stay away until after 5? Our course! We returned to find a sign on the door announcing we had arrived at Chez Logan. Inside, nicely dressed wait staff…