Three gallons of blood

I reached a milestone yesterday: I donated my 24th pint of blood — 3 gallons!1That’s about twice as much blood currently flowing through my body. I used to have a rule: no talking about needles while I’m driving.2Not an easy rule to follow with at least 80% then headed to working in hospitals? We want to keep the driver conscious. I decided my fear of needles wasn’t optimal and decided to donate blood to get over it.

My plan worked, and along the way, I wrote the post on donating blood for wimps and I played an important role in saving lives.

If you want to donate blood, too, but think you might want a donor buddy, feel free to contact me. We can do this!

A No. 1 Day!

I was No. 1 at the blood drive this morning.1Yeah, there’s even fine print for this simple statement. I was fourth to give blood. The three ahead of me went straight into the medical information booths without having to wait. Still, I arrived before the volunteer who signs donors in, hands out the medical information booklets, and gives the queue numbers. :-)

Back on the Cot Again — Donating Blood

I give blood. Will you?

After a year’s hiatus,1Going to rural areas of China last year placed me on a one-year waiting period because of malaria concerns. I donated blood again today. It feels good. :-)

Even if you’re afraid of needles, you can give blood, too. Just read my wimpy blood donor survival guide.

Please join me this holiday season in donating blood. You could save up to three lives.

One Gallon of Blood

I reached a milestone today: I have donated one gallon of blood. That’s about 80% of blood the average adult body contains.

I also beat my goal of giving blood four times this year by 50%.

I’d like to say, “I am not a wimp” — but I am. After donating blood two or three times without issues, I decided to give blood sitting up, like everyone else does. Bad idea. After nearly filling the bag, I could feel the blood drain from my face. I alerted the workers and they got me lying flat with my feet elevated. Ah…

Oh well. I filled the bag. It didn’t hurt. And I saved up to three lives.

Next time I’ll know to ask for the wimp treatment.

If I can do it, maybe you can too. What do you think?