Did Someone Say al-Qaeda? Part II

After the first Democratic Presidential Debate, the blogosphere made a big deal that the Democratic candidates mentioned al-Qaeda only twice during the entire debate. I joined in the fray.

So how did the Republican candidates do in their first debate? I counted five times in the transcript plus moderator Chris Matthews’ one mention.

Five times isn’t a lot for ten candidates, but it is 2.5 times as many as the Democrats.

Yup, moving along…

Did Someone Say al-Qaeda?

Democratic candidates said “al-Qaeda” a combined total of twice during the recent presidential debates. (Get out the electron microscopes to see it on their Word Tag Clouds.)

No global war on terror, here. Move along…

Update: It will be interesting to see the count for the Republicans. I just listened to (most of) their first debate, and I’m not sure I heard al Qaeda any more…

Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt.